Weather and Whanau

This weekend we have whanau coming into town. Which translated means family in our native language. Namely our only nephew and one of my sisters, louise. The plan (which we made a long time ago) was to spend 3 days sea kayaking in the sounds, overnight, pack everything in our boats etc.

Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated. At this time of year the weather has 2 themes. Brilliantly sunny, mild temps with hard frosts in the morning, OR… really cold, wet, windy, and snow falling about 10 mins up the road. And needless to say this w/e is the former. But we will still create lots of adventures though. So look out for photos.

Part of the reason for this is… we are keen to take our nephew David out on the water as he has never sea kayaked before and it will be a wonderful experience for him. That said we don’t want him to have a negative experience and never want to do this again.

So we are scaling but the goal, but safety wise its better, the Marlborough Sounds can be really dangerous weather wise at this time of year.

Also on another note… connect with our good friend Jess Kennedy on WhatsApp today. That was a highlight of my day, & week.

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