But hey at least…

The weather is fine. We are having some mint days rights now, chilly in the am, some frosts and as low as lows 20sF but the day that unfolds afterwards is amazing.

Yesterday and friday had some cool adventures. Between Blenheim and Picton where i work some there is a big mountain range in the way. Most people take the road, however since we have arrived i have wanted to go over the top, no trails, only navigating and bushwhacking. Well finally on friday i got my chance. I have been turned back by the weather a few times, snow and/or white-out, couldn’t see 20meters in front of me. But friday dawned nice and clear. After we got the quakes out of the way for the day… i went for it.

WOW, it was really steep and some thick bush all the way to the top, the view unfolding behind me were amazing. I was using a map and compass and following a bearing to get to a ridge line. Made it there successfully to top out on an old logging road and ran along that for about 10 minutes before going bush again.

Up another ridge-line scrambling over some rocky outcrops in places, encountering some wild goats. And the ongoing great views. FInally made it to the top, great views and some snow. Crazy thing is you can see the top of this peak from our house as there is a big distinctive coms bubble on the top.

Then picked a ridge line to go down and went for it. Some beautiful old growth forests, 1000s of years old. Made it to the bottom and arranged to meet Robin and the timing was great. we were only 15mins out on our time estimate so i was able to run down the dirt road some to meet her. A good day. This little mission was on my to do list around here. Will post some pics of the views later today.

Then yesterday i entered my 1st kayak only race… in a long time. We was about 2.5hrs of paddling, and it hurt. really out of practice on my surf ski. I was really happy to see robin when i finally got there.Yeah i know i paddle in The Sounds, but that is with clients… and really slow going, but i’m certainly not complaining about that.

I wonder what today will unfold… well Robin & i know how it all started, shakin!!!!!

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