Amateur Demolition Man

Today was a good day! I got to go out to the Wilson NC area. About an hour east of Raleigh to help Bill (Robins Dad) work on one of the properties they own out there.

We spent the day pulling down, dismantling an old out building/barn that was built way back when. It was a cold windy and sunny day, but good to be outside. Part of our fun today included pulling off old roofing iron, using my truck as a demolition vehicle (whereby we tied rope between the building and my truck & “stepped on the gas”), Chainsawing at trees around the building, chainsawing various parts of the building, oh and of course getting my truck stuck in the open field behind the building and creatively coming up with a solution to get it out.

After a quick lunch break we got straight back to it. We worked until after sunset and left with a building that was essentially floor boards and a foundation only. At times the building cooperated as we dismantled it then at times it was amazing how remained standing as we cut, pulled and chainsawed here & there. Made me think about the power of hurricanes and tornadoes if they can rip and building like this apart in seconds.

On another note though. Some of the maneuvers we did with my truck today reminded me of a classic Toyota truck commercial from the 90’s, a classic, timeless, check this out.

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