They Even Named Christmas After Him

Who said Jesus wasn’t cool? Who said He wasn’t relevant? Who said He isn’t up with the times, or keeping up with all the cool kids?
Who said Jesus isnt Chill? (isn’t that the language all the cool kids use nowadays?)

Last night we attend Christmas Eve Service and amongst the hymns we sang there was one called “Still Still Still” and there it is at the end of the very 1st line, proof that Jesus/JC or whatever you want to call him is the coolest person around, or the most chill of us all.

“He sleeps this night so Chill!”

There we have it folks, proof that Jesus is cool, or chill. And has been for a very long time. But 1st offically recognized by the Austrians, in 1918. See here for yourself.


Jesus is so cool, or so Chill that they even named Christmas after him!!!

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