The past few days…

The past few days have certainly been very varied and interesting for Robin and I. And i have pictures and reflections to prove it.

It all started when Robin and i went to dinner last night. Now don’t get me wrong i’m all about good quality food and it tasting good and fantastic atmosphere. And no this doesn’t mean i’m a food snob either. But dinner last night was one of those places where i know it was very well prepared, and cook, with the finest ingredients in a very soothing atmosphere. BUT… as far as the quantity of food. That left a lot to be desired. I mean the Ahi Tuna i had (in fact my entire meal) could have fit into the palm of a small child’s hand. No joke. I guess i didn’t know it would be high on this and high on that, but low on volume. Not that i think dining at some Golden Trough AKA Golden Corral or inset your favorite buffet establishment here________. But last nights meal was, hmmmm lets say, left me a little wanting.

After that we went by this independently owned book store (yes they are still out there, not all owned by Barnes & Noble, or from We went to this wee gem of a store to listen to a Bluegrass Band. Yes a band in a bookstore. I can hear all the Librarians of the world freaking out right now at the thought of the noise. Carolina Road was there name and they were brilliant. Some old school bluegrass, with a fresh taste. After the music we left to hit the Whole Foods, for… what else cookies… my weakness, and to make up for the small portion at dinner.

That was Friday… well almost. a picture tha’ts worth a 1000 words. chillin’ with Cora.

Saturday was brilliantly sunny, BUT cold. Looking forward to going back to summer time. And temps in the upper 20’s or 80’s for you Americans. This evening, we really got into being in the ‘burbs by going to the neighborhood cookie swap and carol sing. Robin & her family live in a neighborhood that the same families have lived in for many years. They grew up together, went to school together. They even have a swim and tennis club, but not like some cheesy gated sub-division. This neighborhood has a lot of character. Folks know each other and do many activities year round together. This evening we got to participate in some of this by going to a cookie swap. Yup, i got to eat more cookies. Then we split up into two groups and went to 11 houses and sang 3-4 carols at designated homes of various people, mostly older adults. It was quite a cool experience, and really enjoyed myself.

Here are some photos from the past 24hrs or so.

photo B

photo A

photo 2

photo 1

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