We saw the Red Sea… But no Moses

Today we (as in Robin, her parents & brother John) went to an NC State Mens Basketball game. I haven’t been to many basketball games so it was fun to go. John got us some sweet seats and we had a great view of the game.

NC State Mens B-ball have a tough task being in a conference (ACC) that includes Duke & UNC, and therefore have been consistently in the shadow of those two teams or under-acheiving. However this year they might be half decent. NC State’s colors are Red, Black & White. But there was no doubt that red is their color of choice. As we approached the PNC Arena, red began to dominate our horizon. Once inside the arena almost everything was red, even the seats, yet to be filled.

We were definitely surrounded by the Red Sea.
BTW NC State won, and quite handily.

photo (1)

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