Out with the old…

Well today we finally left, really a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions, everything from are we making a huge mistake through to whoo-hoo here we go.

Someone once said “Can a person live a full life cautiously” and therefore I try to remind myself of that or should I say both of us as we fly away from America. Of course robin has different emotions and feelings as she walked away from her home of 30-something years.

Our path today takes us from Raleigh to Nashville to LA to Auckland to Christchurch. We left RDU around midday Tuesday and won’t arrive in Christchurch until Thursday lunchtime, yes losing a day somewhere along the way. I am sporting my ATL Braves shirt to represent.

As left the ground in RDU we talked about the journey ahead of us and the words that filled the above 2 paragraphs. Reflecting on the uncertainty ahead. We have been living with this uncertainty since about May this past year. Our conversation went onto the leap of faith we are taking in these steps. Then realizing that no leap of faith is partnered with total certainty or else it wouldn’t be called faith, would it. Sometimes the obvious is right in front of us.

Last night or New Years Eve was not what most people would do, as we rushed around finishing our packing and making sure we had taken care of everything. We did stop round 11.30 to have a “out with the old, in with the new” moment as we enjoyed some Jailhouse brewing company beer, brewed in Hampton GA. And ate some Lolly Cake a NZ institution. (If you have to ask what that is you have no idea what you are missing). A good way to send off 2012 & welcome 2013 “out with the old, in with the new”

I will say the the hardest thing about leaving today was saying goodbye to Cora. Our precious Weimaraner. Because of various complications and regulations we won’t see her until May…. Yes May. We feel really badly about this and to think when we left her today she had no idea what was going on. Thinking we were going out for the day or a few days. The longest I have ever spent away from her is 4 weeks when I went to NOLS. This is by far the longest time and we are both struggling with this.

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