Touch Down

We arrived. I sit here at my parents kitchen table at 6pm and its still light outside and will be for at least another 3-4hrs. The weather is warm and windy of course which is common place for NZ.

Of course our jounrey here wasn’t without drama. What was that quote again “True adventure doesnt begin until things start going wrong”. And here’s how it all went down. We arrive safely in NZ all good. Take the nice stroll over to the domestic terminal to see that our domestic flight to Christchurch has been cancelled. “Nice of you to tell us that” were the words that came out of my mouth.

Keep in mind this is all going down at 8.30am and upon my enquiry am meet with “sir, the next flight we can get you on is at 9pm this evening.” You can imagine how that all went down with me. Needless to say that i set to work to figure out other options. Including telling the airline rep “Well, what are you going to do about it for me the customer?” Along with exporing other airline options. And after A LOT of waiting in various lines and getting various things sorted out we got on a 12.30pm flight to Christchurch. AND… even managed to get a full refund from the first airline which was nothing short of hopeless.

But we are here and tomorrow begins the long list of things to do for setting up life for ourselves here.

One Comment on “Touch Down

  1. I’m glad y’all made it safely and can now start to get settled. We miss y’all heaps already.

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