A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

WOW what a whirl wind of a few days. Its late Saturday night here and in the past 48hours we have taken care of, completed, signed up for, enrolled in, paid for, the following…
A Drivers License
A Bank Account
New Cell Number
New Cell Phone & number for Robin (her 1st smart phone, now thats entertainment)
Tax ID # for Robin
Re-upped my tax ID #
Looked at buying a car
Test drove a car
Almost got a car
Installed banking software on computers

What other major life decisions can we make in the next few days… is there anything left. It almost makes your head hurts. At least tomorrow is Sunday and we get to go to church. The church i worked at for 5 years. This will mean seeing many old friends again.

Tonight was great as we had many of the family over for a BBQ, not USA style but kiwi style, yeah… sausages, tomato sauce and of course most of my family including nieces and nephews, 2 or my 3 sisters. A good time by all.

one more thing. Today was warm, and breezy, which is very common in NZ at this time of year. And we were still outside at 9.45pm IN DAYLIGHT, had not gone dark yet. At this time of year there is only about 6hrs of darkness.

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