I Ate A Lot of Frogs

Two nights ago we got to particpate in a McClenny/Tuten Family Christmas tradition. Well, more Tuten tradition, which is Robin’s mothers madien name.

This tradition is one i’m glad we didn’t miss this year. We’ve had it almost every Christmas i can remember here with family.

Frogmore Stew!!!

It has nothing to do with frogs, in case you are wondering. But it is amazing. A few details…

We have it every Christmas, seldom Christmas day, but 1 or 2 days after.
Always prepared by Brian & Garnette (Robin’s Aunt & Uncle from Charleston SC)
It contains 4 or 5 simple items. Sausage…3-4 different types (including a really hot’n’spicy one), corn, potatoes (2-3 different kinds) and SHRIMP. Then lots of seasoning and spices… to make it taste amazing. A secret blend of Herbs and Spices and no i’m not talking about KFC. Brian and Garnette (Garnette, in this case this week) basically take all these ingrediants and…. shhhhhhhhh i’m not telling how they do it. However you can buy the spice kit for it by checking out the company that has perfected it. http://www.charlestonspice.com/home

Slight bias there, Charleston Spice Company is co-owned and operated by Garnette. They have great stuff and lots of other wonderful spices etc even a hot cocoa mix that’s amazing. You can even order online.

Ok enough of that. Moving on. Once the feast is prepared, then we all get to sit around the table and EAT. Not unusal but the eating is done with fingers only, no silverware, and you put newspaper down on the table and eat and then eat some more. Its amazing. The taste and feast are well worth waiting for this slow cooked meal. Then as you eat you throw or place your shrimp leftovers and corn on the table in piles to clean up later by simply rolling up the newspaper and throwing it away. This time we were a little more civilized and used plates.

Don’t believe me.. check out these photos.

photo 2

photo 3

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