Another Urban Adventure

A few weeks’ backs I posted about finding fun in the ‘burbs of Raleigh. Since then i have found that in many ways. Not just in the nearby State Park, which has been the basis for most of my adventures, but also in the fun i have had creating ways to get to that same State Park (SP).

Last night i pursued another. There is a creek/river (Crabtree) close to Robin’s parents’ house and its forms a wooded corridor with a Greenway paved trail system. The paved trail doesn’t go all the way to the SP but the corridoor is there and for about the last few miles it is undeveloped, wild and un-kept. Probably because the City of Raleigh ran out of $$$. Good idea all the same, and what has been completed is about 15 miles of Greenway. Anyways i went for a run last night around 8pm in the dark; headlamp attached and explored this last piece of the corridor. I didn’t quite make it to the SP, and promise i didn’t run through anyones backyard… well not that i could tell.

It was rough, undeveloped and wild. As far as wild goes around here. All the time with the lights of houses, Christmas trees, and the hum of the city filling some of my senses. What a contrasting place to be. The extremes of bushwhacking over & under downed trees, pushing through briers, and traversing along steep banks trying not to fall in the river.

I made it home after about an hour, a little scratched up with bloodied legs, but fulfilled i had found another urban adventure.

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