Month: December 2012

Runnin’ around in the woods

This afternoon i got to participate in a past time i haven’t been able to do since racing World AR Champs in France this past September… orienteering. Of course this was on a lot smaller scale and involved being on foot and nothing else.… Continue Reading “Runnin’ around in the woods”

Why is it…That I Can’t Put Toothpaste Back In The Tube?

Short answer, YOU CAN’T!!! Try it, you will fail. last week i┬áread and heard a story about one of the actors on the TV Show ‘Two & A Half Men’ essentially ripping all aspects of the show, from its plot, its content and everything… Continue Reading “Why is it…That I Can’t Put Toothpaste Back In The Tube?”

The night before…

Tomorrow the movers come to pick up our stuff!!! YIKES- there is no backing out now, we are all in as they say. So tonight is the night before… We say good-bye to many of our clothes. I say goodbye to many of my… Continue Reading “The night before…”