Final preparations

This might be the last post I make in a while. While the race doesn’t start for another 36 hrs I will put the phone away in the morning and won’t bust it out until sometime next weekend.

We had pre race meeting this evening and it was like the who’s who of adventure racing from around the world, reminded me of racing in Abu Dhabi or Costa Rica.

We only have 2 paddle sections but they could be epic long too. The briefing told us we were going to see some amazing scenery in parts of Canada that people don’t go to at all. They warned us to watch out for Grizzly bears, yes grizzly!!!

We have some tough climbing sections and apparently a zip line over a waterfall with our bikes. COOL!!!

They promise great race coverage with SPOT trackers so checkout
We are checkpointzero in case you forgot and team #5

Hope YOU have a great week, I promise to take lots of photos

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