Quite possibly…

Hey there folks
Currently sitting on a bus on my way back from Canada over to Spokane Wa and ultimately home.

Will write ALOT more in the coming days. The race was amazing definitely the most physical thing I have ever done but also the emotional side of a race like this too

And what makes it even sweeter is that we finished tied for 5th with Wedali who are some of or best friends in AR, and AR puts you through some intense things. Outside of World AR champs later this year if was the strongest field, so that makes this even sweeter

Hope you were able to follow us with Spot tracker, I’m sure it was 100% accurate all the time but when you consider where were are it’s very remote location…

My body is making me pay now and will do for many days. We have some amazing photos too & and will share
Some quicks stats
• started Sunday @ 10am crossed finish line Saturday around 7am
• total hrs slept (before thurs night… More on that later) around 5 hours
• elevation gained & lost cumulatively around 80,000ft

Now making our way back home, sleeping as much as I can and of course EATING like crazy yum yum

Looking forward to being home to see Robin and of course Cora

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