Month: July 2011

Definition of Patriotic

With 4th July in our rear vision i have had some thoughts about it. Not surprisingly as some of you might be reading right now. So hear goes… Some of these thoughts come from an article i saw/read on the CNN belief blog this… Continue Reading “Definition of Patriotic”

A character building day

This morning was one of those character building days with my training. Strangley enough it began yesterday when i completed this wickedly hard core routine that i occasionally do. This time i had Robin join me, it takes about an hour to complete and… Continue Reading “A character building day”

Not all racing

Yesterday was a fun day. We had the annual Checkpoint Zero summer party. We gathered as a team at one if our teammates house in the nth ga mtns. It was fun to be together with most of my team mates (Michelle couldnt make… Continue Reading “Not all racing”


Finally at home resting after a long week. Fridays are so different around camp there is always lots to do as it’s closing day but one should never schedule anything because you never know what is going to happen. For example… Our equestrian directors… Continue Reading “Resting”