Not all racing

Yesterday was a fun day. We had the annual Checkpoint Zero summer party.
We gathered as a team at one if our teammates house in the nth ga mtns.

It was fun to be together with most of my team mates (Michelle couldnt make it, as she had to attend her grandfathers 94th brithday) and not have the pressure of either getting ready for a race or cleaning up after a race.

Here are some other plesant observations…

  • We all smelt normal, rather than the usual stench we have around a race.
  • It was nice to eat real food rather than a combination of junk, candy, gels,and general carbo/protein/electrolyte laiden food.
  • Our clothing choice was made of cotton, which is unusal for the other times we are together.
  • We were running around changing shoes, eating, filling water bladders, carrying boats… the list goes on.

Instead we spent the afternoon, hanging out, talking about other things (some adventure racing of course, especially our upcoming Raid/Canada race) eating steaks, good salad and then Jon & I introduced most people to the joys of rugby. And the numerous games he has recorded in the past few months.

Overall a great afternoon/evening spent of not all racing


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