A character building day

This morning was one of those character building days with my training. Strangley enough it began yesterday when i completed this wickedly hard core routine that i occasionally do. This time i had Robin join me, it takes about an hour to complete and is super hard. As the day wears on, one starts to feel it more, and by the time we both woke up this morning WE were both in complete agony. Hurting EVERYWHERE, muscles that ached all over our body (it was even hard to just get out of bed). i knew this was going to happen it always does with this routine. But nice to have someone hurt with me… Robin.

So with that said, it said me up for a character building day whereby i ran for 2 1/2 hrs and rode for 2 hours all this morning. OUCH i hurt. And to make things more interesting i ran hill sprints, and rode hill repeats. Oh and did i mention the humidity is crazy around here right now. Its rained every afternoon since Saturday and today looks to be the same.

However as i came home from my ride and collasped on the kitchen floor. i said to Robin in a few weeks when it hurts really bad on day 4 on Raid race in Canada i will look back on today and say… “thats why i did all that on that tuesday.”

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