Living with Mr. Awkward

Do you know Mr Awkward that s my new best friend. otherwise known as the obnoxious boot on my left foot. Not fun at all oh well i try to remind myself that the more i keep it on the quicker it will heal. And at least i don’t live in Japan or lost my house back home in ChCh.

Having to adapt to not running, it’s really hard to describe and really only a runner understands, and it’s not that i have always been a runner either. Yeah i use to be the chubby kid, ask my parents or siblings. but over time i have re invented myself into becoming one.

And running is an amazingly freeing activity to think that the human body with all its bones, tendons, muscles etc can fire in movement harmony to move a human across terrain at a faster pace than a walk. to coordinate ones self to make the ground beneath ones feet move faster than a walk.

which leads me to think about the broad spectrum at which humanity can exist on. for example that Jamaican runner Bolt and his ability to propel a human over a track of 100m in length at a speed & time that NO OTHER HUMAN HAS DONE BEFORE. then to have another human who has not taken care of their health look exhausted at merely walking 50  meters or so. hmmmm don’t get me started.

As i was saying … running, what a beautiful creation it is. what a great piece of mechanical harmony it truly is. And i miss it, but my time will come again. And as i adjust it means more biking. since friday i have rode my bike 3 times. the last time was this morning before church on the trainer partly becuase with daylight savings its still dark out, and it was raining.

We had a wicked storm pass through last night, or should i say almost continously from mid afternoon through 1am. there was even a Tornado Warning for a while. i did leave the house around 3.45pm to do a short road ride, only to be chased home by heavy rain and even hail.

Won’t be ridinng or paddling tomorrow, currently at Columbia Seminary in Decautr Ga to begin this curriculum writing project for the PCCCA/CTS Certification Program. As i sit here realize that i haven’t slept in a city for a while use to being in the country not the hum or a city

Sleep 6hrs… Boo-storms all night kept waking me up!!!

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