Ain’t No Sunshine

I realized today that i havent seen the sun shine in this part of the world since LAST FRIDAY. and that by my math is 5 days… WOW. no wonder i feel like i have the blahs. here’s hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.

Still trying to heal my foot, i have been wearing the boot, more that i thought i would. but i guess if i want to run again anytime soon i need to wear it. Happy i dont have to go through this is June-August, can you imagine all the heat n humidity and that boot. and the stench!!!

In addition to the lack of Vitamin D this week, there has been other trying news.

A young adult we knew well from youth council took his own life on Sunday. This is a huge loss. Such a young life…GONE. Griff’s family are real big in FPC La Grange. Emily, Griff’s mother is the Educator at FPC LaGrange. Such a loss. Robin & I attended the Memorial Service. Many people, especially young adults. All very disillusioned by Griff’s death.

News that my parents wont be visiting this year, due to my dad’s health. While this was sad news, wasn’t entirely surprising. He continues to have some health problems.

Training this week has essentially been mess. Lots of good intentions with biking & paddling but reality… ZERO. i guess there’s always tomorrow or next week. and i need to get back into it next week.

then i also need to get a bone scan and we are waiting on…. wait for it…. the INSURANCE COMPANY!!! welcome to America. for those of you not from America. Insurance here is a nighmare. Millions of americans dont have it and if you do, its not always that great. Was on the phone with someone today trying to figure this out. Waiting on some person in a glass tower to decide how much of the bill the health insurance company will pay. Stay Tuned!!!


Sunday 7 1/2

Monday 7 1/2

Tuesday 7 1/2

At least one thing is consistent

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