back to it

we are on our way back from Pennsylvania after the weekend at Crestfield, one of our camps about 1hr north of Pittsburg
it was a good weekend, lots of facilitating EE stuff

back into the training tomorrow, I have written a program tentatively through the end of the years but specifically through end of may

for this program I have reverted back to the old schedule of running 4x
biking 3x
paddling 2x
as opposed to ultra training of 4-5x/ week with back to back heavy days

CPZ now has new team mates we have combined with EMS who were once one of our biggest rivals (we beat them 1 1/2 ago to win a national title) & now they are team mates… weird but exciting. I’m sure some teams. will find reason to complain but it’s not like we are close by with them living mostly in New England
but excited about new team mates especially the caliber of these team mates

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