guess where I am?

not really a topic one likes to talk about but guess where I am right now???

I’m at the hospital yes really not for Robin or someone else but me!!!

kinda embarrassing well not kinda but really embarrassing. a few days ago I got chiggers for non Americans they are like a small parasite you get under your skin and itch like crazy best thing for them is clear nail polish… really it is

so no big deal I’m outside a lot and every summer I get them at some point but this batch have “got me” in some interesting places yes you guessed it

and this time bad enough that I’m here in the ER really
what a way to post her again after a week or so absence

so here I sit with an itch that I really can’t itch in public imagine telling our summer program staff “oh i need to cut out for a few hours I have to go to the hospital as I have a chigger down there ”

anyway hopefully I won’t be here long

One Comment on “guess where I am?

  1. Oh my goodness. How embarrasing!
    Hope you are all better and itch free soon.

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