@ Home

Tonight we are at home together, Robin & I oh & Cora of course. Its been a while and nice to be home with Robin.

We are in week 4 of summer camp and this friday we get a 4 1/2 day break mostly becuase of 4th July break. Yah my favorite…. when Americans go crazy for “their independance” ok ok i know i will stop there before i blog something i regret.

Over the break we plan to DO NOTHING!!!! well not exactly. We have our team annual summer party for CheckpointZero. this should be fun, and a good opportunity to relax with team mates/good friends and not be at a race and always hurrying around to get ready for a start time.

We also plan to just hang out with each other. Visit with some friends from Alabama who are coming here. We might go sailing one day and of course i need to keep training for the 6 day Raid Race in Canada next month.

All in all… looking forward to the break, and looking forward to being with Robin

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