Fone Freakout

Today my i-phone died.

For reasons unbeknown to me. It turned on fine this morning, got a text from a friend, beeped to tell me about new email. Read the text and went to the office. Got to the office & went to look at something on my phone and BAM it wouldn’t turn on. No big deal just push this button instead… No nothing
How come
Tried charging it when it had already been charging all night
Here’s where it gets interesting and the real reason for this post
I call Verizon & finally get a real person, explain what has happened and here’s the response I get

“sir, can I verify your mailing address, are just going to send you a new one!”
“What a new one, this one isn’t broken, it’s just… (not sure what to say at this point) it’s just…”
I guess my point is this. Without any big explanation of what happened  (from my perspective) and any real in depth questions from the very kind young woman on the other end, all I get is “we will just send you a new one” really that’s it . not try this or do that or push this combination of buttons just we will send you a new one

Is this what our world has come to. Forget trying to repair, we will just send you a new one.
I work with young adults a lot and I shouldn’t be surprised because this is a phrase I hear often.  “we can just get a new one”

I immediately think of Robins grandfather who is 89 and what he would say to hearing this. This is a man who grew up with amongst other things knowing that if it was broken then let’s try and fix it or get it to someone who can

Maybe I’m getting old and maybe I need to get a new … Me

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