Finally the weekend

The week finally came to an end last night (saturday) after riding for 3hours then scarfing down some dinner and running for 3hrs.

Wanted to get that big day under my belt before a 30hr race next weekend. Atomic AR starts Saturday morning and goes until sometime sunday morning. I feel ready!!! and will taper a little this week. We are defending champs of this race and the obnoxious Race Director has this tradition on “making” the defending champs carrying an atomic shaped metal logo that weighs… I don’t know 10lbs to try to slow them down. With Pete doing most of the navigation, and not expecting Michele to carry it i guess i am the work horse and get to lug that silly thing around. I hope we win, as no one has won back to back before and it would feel pretty sweet to be able to say that, with a silly weight.

I do love my job, don’t get me wrong.

Thursday & Friday got to do an overnight canoe trip on the Flint River. it was fun to have a cooler night thursday sleeping by the river and having to zip up my sleeping bag b/c it was a little chilly. Not that those temps will last for long. Supposed to hit 90 this week. I guess summer is here.

However between canoe trips, lots of kids, older adults, for programming, canoe trips, oh and draining an abscess on a horse. its been quite a week…


Looking forward to some time, just Robin & I this afternoon. We may even get a sail boat out and go sailing. there’s a decent breeze. then again we may just crash and stare at each other. haha

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