1st Place

Great news!!! as our team prepares to race this weekend. First time in TOO LONG for me.

We are in 1st Place in the race for US National Championships.




This is great news. But i feel kinda dirty as i havent really raced. Oh well time to play catch up. It does put a big target on our backs. I love a challenge!!!

I have been taking a day off today, feels good. Went downtown to eat lunch with a friend and this later on today will go paddle, hopefully hit a few hours, but it is hot outside, supposed to hit 90 this week. But in light of a race i do get to taper too

I am working on a blog post right now in response to the whole Osama bin Laden events. it’s not pretty, depending on your perspective and if i ever get the ‘you know whats’ to publish it i will. stay tuned… Maybe

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