Part 3, St Augustine & Words


And you thought you were about to read the final chapter in Atomic AR fromlast weekend. I should have finished it by now…, but…, however…, the…, then…, it was…

I am stalling on something that goes contary to a lot of what i believe. This Sunday i have to speak at our of our churches (Good Shepherd to be exact) now speaking isnt really the right term. Most people would call it Preaching… I DON’T!!! plain and simple, i am not a preacher, dont want to be, not interested. So then why did i agree to this all those months ago.

oh well no good complaining now. Anyways i am speaking (or preaching if you prefer) this sunday and i have a little bit of writers block. its about 36 hours away and i am only about 1/4 of the way into it. and here i am blogging when i should be writing to prepare to speak.

Why do i have a problem with this because its words, speaking, talking verbals. i would much rather have my actions speak louder than my words, allow my deed and not my words demonstrate my point to these poor people on sunday morning.

Now if i had to facilitate a discussion, or ask lots of why questions (which BTW is the best question in the world… becuase you have never answer with a yes or no) if i could say ‘please turn to the person in the pew behind you and discuss the following, or please circle up and lets play a game or do this activity… i would be loving it. BUT I’M NOT, I CAN’T. Don’t ge tme wrong i’m all about rocking the boat and shaking the establishment, however i am representing Calvin Center on Sunday and would like to keep my job.

So i should get back to it. I guess i will have to suck it up on this one. I am way to much of an experiential guy and this is what i got dealt.

i will end with this though. When a good friend asked me about doing this way back in feb. She approached me by saying “Paul, do you preach?” my repsonse was this. “I try to take the St Augustine approach Cheryl… Preach the gospel always, use words only when necessary.”

Does that mean i and not have to write any more for my word (ophs i mean sermon) on Sunday?

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