Floods, beds & Cora

Interesting title huh? And to think I could add more to that. I will start with tonight and work backwards.

We bought a new bed today! Backstory is we didn’t bring our bed from the USA we figured we would find one here and didn’t want to our bed across the world… meant we could fit another bike in hahaha. Anyways we have had a bed for the past few months, don’t worry we haven’t been sleeping on the floor. But might as well. The bed we have been using… SUCKED- putting it nicely. You know, roll together etc. But we had roll together on all sides in every direction. So each night we would essentially feel like human taco shells. Well happy to report today we took care of that  and looking forward to a good night sleeps. That said with outdoor guiding and being in the back country I am use to sleeping in different places and often not the best of “ground” beneath me.

Floods… It rained here the other night, in fact all most all of NZ got hammered with a big low pressure system that spat out of the Antarctic, yes the Antarctic not the Artic. Lots of rain and flooding, wind and snow it higher levels. We had our own little rain event. That is caused our basement/garage flood. At worst there was about 5 inches of water down there. This all went down at 2.30am and at first I was trying to battle in and keep the water out then finally went and woke Robin and got help only to quit and let it do its damage. Our freezer is down there of course and I was certain it had been fried. I turned it off and cautiously turned it on again many hours later, expecting it to not work, blow sparks and smoke or at worst fry me. But low and behold it still works. Which is good considering all the stuff we have in there.

This weather even was very significant and around town that day there were stories of a similar fate. I dropped Robin off at church the next morning and took a wee drive around town and the valley to check out the rivers and streams that make up our valley (Wairau Valley) which translated in English means valley or many streams and rivers. Fun to see but also humbling to see the power of creation. I did think about putting a kayak in one stream to have a bit of fun, but didn’t.

Now we fast forward and my parents are visiting this weekend. Another reason for the new bed. Yes before you ask they will get the crappy bed. Don’t judge me! We are looking forward to a day of hiking on Saturday, nothing huge but a ride on one of the water taxi’s I take often, a couple of hours hiking then lunch at a lodge and back to Picton on the water taxi.

Robin and I are getting excited that Cora (our dog) will be here soon. She is having her final shots and check with the vet this week and will be here in NZ the last week of may. We will be driving to Christchurch to collect her and bring back here to her new home.

Oh and finally I almost forgot. 2 weeks ago I was on the trail for 5 days and on day 3, our long day of 8-9hrs of hiking and one of my clients was complaining of chest pains. YIKES. As I checked him over he was demonstrating all the symptoms of having a heart attack. So there we were on a exposed ridge line, sunny but very windy day and I have a guy having heart issues. Long story short I have to call in the medi-vac chopper and because there was no where to land I had to tell them that they were going to have to winch down to him and then up and out. Yikes. that was a fun experience and a little nervy as I stabilized this guy during the 20min wait for the chopper.

Never a dull moment.

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