i know we promised photos and we will deliver. There has been so much going on that we havent had a chance to get where wecan upload them yet. Hopefully over the weekend we will be able to do this. Then show you all our new home.

I can tell you this though…
We move into our place today. Its a great house and we are very excited about settling in there. It has a great vege garden which is in full harvest right now being summer. The growing season is really long here too so we will get a lot of produce out of it over the coming years.

We have both been by our new jobs and meet various people. The pastor of the church where Robin will be serving and my new job as outdoor guide. For me most of next week will be spent learning th area where i will be guiding. Which literally means, spending my days paddling, mountain biking and hiking. Either on my own or shadowing a group. it will be tough but someone has to do it.

Robin has lots to do at church and much of that begins on sunday at worship and then a picnic in the afternoon. Our hosts, that we are staying with are wonderful and even went and got Robin a bicycle for her to use. Blenheim sits in a river valley and is surrouded by hills and mountains. We have both already ran in the hills and will certainly be out there more in the coming days and beyond.

Next post will include photos

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