How was your day?

Not many of you know this but a you read this i snuck into America and are here for one week, well not even that. I arrived late Monday night and will be gone Saturday evening from LA.

What huh how come really why you might be saying. The answer is simple i am here to take care of some immigration business for myself that will allow me to travel more freely between NZ and USA. I know not great time in fact we were in NZ for about 4 days with the notice to appear came through. Arrgghhh

So I left robin in a strange country for a week haha, she’s not worried. As noted its a really quick trip and I will based flying in & out of Raleigh but will be in ATL from Wednesday until Friday morning. Don’t have a lot of time there sorry if we don’t catch up wasn’t intentional to miss you. And I really want to see our dog Cora.

That said my life as one big adventure seems to continue and find myself open thinking or referring to Yvonne Chonaird’s quote about adventure and often referenced here in this blog.

The last 24hrs or how long I don’t know as my time clock is all messed up. Went something like this
Left the house this morning at 7am to Take bus for5hrs from Blenheim to Christchurch … No drama there. A lot cheaper too.
Arrive early in Christchurch and chill on the grass waiting for my parents to come take me to the airport. Accidentally leave wallet sitting in the grass and we are 10mins down the road before I realize. Quick turn around drive back… Still sitting there at the bus stop. Yeah NZ
That would have been really bad as all my ID was in there including my green card to get back into the USA.
Get flight to Auckland no drama. Walk over to international terminal … Packed with people, 3 flights leaving for the USA all within 1hr of each other. Plane finally leaves gate 1hr late. I know you are thinking about connecting flights from San Francisco to Raleigh. Well, I’ve done this trip enough to build in enough wiggle room. No worries I have plenty of time to make connection.
As we are about to hurtle down the runway into the NZ sunset (btw always amazed me how those big planes get off the ground) the captain comes on and announces “folks we have someone on board who’s sick and need medical attention, we need to get them checked out so we are going back to the gate!

Ok now this isn’t funny and…
“This is your captain again, if they are removed from the flight we have to find their baggage in the cargo hold, refile a new flight plan oh and get more fuel after where wasted so much, this should only take 45 mins, thanks for your patience.”

Now I’m super nervous and really pissed. There’s no way ill make that connection and then I at the mercy of the airline. Looks like I’ll be staying the night in SFO.

We finally take off, pilot guns it across the pacific, thankfully we have a tailwind and makes up some time but not a lot. Flight crew arrange for those of us who have tight connections to be allowed to get off first which for the most part people oblige us with. And there are a lot of people with either tight connections or already missed flights.

Get it Border Control and I usually choose which line is shorter (USA citizens or green card holders) and the rest of the world. USA line was shorter, breeze through there, all good. Now really need my baggage to come through quickly …and … Of course it doesn’t.

Finally get it, clear customs in a hurry, thankfully no bag needed to be opened and checked and no bike with me this time. To begin sprinting through the airport AGAIN asking anyone who likes they know where AirTran terminal is. Of course it’s not close. “Take the transit train” I hear. No way I an run faster than that. Get to AirTran desk. No lines no people waiting just the gates agent. Sweet I think finally something going my way. To be meet with “Sorry sir, you are too late.”

No you don’t understand. Let me explain…. Please …. She makes a phone call and yes I make it. This flight left at 2pm I was still clearing customs at 1.40pm

Get to me seat, flop down, the plane is packed so have to stuff carry on under my feet for a 4 1/2hr flight after sitting for 12hrs across the Pacific. Make it to ATL for connection to Raleigh. Amazingly get to ATL early have 30 mins to change planes. Even found time to eat some Moe’s , robin and I really miss Mexican food. Not that Moe’s is authentic…

Get to gate and gate agent by some strange extra sense she had asks if I would like 2 seats to myself. You think? And it’s still Monday.

How was your day?

One Comment on “How was your day?

  1. Just knowing you are in the states makes us happy … even if we don’t get to see you! Try and enjoy a little bit of your trip and don’t make it ALL business.

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