Forget ADD or ADHD, its RDD

Before i moved to America from NZ i lived in Japan for one year. This was a richly wonderful time (not for $$$ or should i say Yen) but for every other reason. I moved there because…. wait that’s another post another time.

Japan is a very diverse country and straddles a fence of tradition, history along with technology. Technology that moves quicker than their famed ‘Bullet Trains’. Japan isn’t all lights, technology and gadgets. However one observation i did have was…

How seemingly over-employed the country was and maybe still is. And by this i mean overkill on staff. Everywhere you turn there seems to be workers, staff, employees, there to do whatever when ever for whom ever. Now this may have changed with recent economic downturns and natural disasters. But there seemed to be a job for everyone, especially government jobs and 2-3 people for every position. Somewhat of a false economy.

I write this because there were often times when one would just say out loud “sigh…. oh Japan…sigh” at the sight of 3 workers standing on the sidewalk wearing enough safety equipment to survive a small disaster. All protecting a tiny hole in the sidewalk that could more than adequately be highlighted with a cone and some caution tape. And might i add the huge sense of pride they would get when the foreigner would approach the “hole” and rather sarcastically react with fear and trembling at what was one to do. Only to be pacified by the now immensely fulfilled Japanese worker who had not only averted a “huge calamity” but a foreigner from that same potential misfortune. I joke and perhaps i shouldnt but it made for entertainment on one’s way to work on more than one occasion.

ANYWAYS… why do say this. Well when one is ‘not from around here’ one has the ability to gain and observe certain insights into local culture.

And this week i had one about America. I can see Robin shaking her head even now. My observation was this

RDD……………… Royal Deficit Disorder

And by that i mean the way in which many Americans are just eating up this royal wedding stuff that happens this Friday!!! They or many of You (if you are American) note i said many i  didn’t say all (that’s very strong language… that’s another post). As i was saying many Americans are just falling over themselves, lapping this stuff up.

Which leads me to another point. For a country that prides itself on being soooooooo independent, and the land of the brave & free. Along with the importance it places on liberty and self-determination etc. it strikes me as a little strange that many look over ‘the pond’ to the former motherland and are eating this stuff up.

All the TV networks are clambering for the right to say “we have the best coverage” & “on Friday we will begin our coverage at 4.30 am”. 4.30am are you kidding me. who gets up @ 4.30. well i do but that’s to run. Or watch live Rugby

Maybe America (dare i say it) misses a little bit of the monarchy, or wishes it had a good ol royal family of its own. The closest America gets (i’ve heard) are the Kennedy’s. For a country that goes all out to promote its freedom (& don’t get me wrong I’m all for that) it sure does vote with its TV coverage, TV remote, water cooler conversation etc etc etc when it comes to a good royal wedding.

Maybe suffering from a little RDD or Royal Deficit Disorder don’t you think

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