More than Just Dumb Luck & My Bad

In the few days i have written about am array of topics that all seem to be related. IMO it HAS to be more than luck. I really do believe its got to be providential… Do you know what that means (“Involving divine foresight or intervention”.)

Anyways… between our experiences at the Antiquities Center, hearing a theory on mental health, suicide, and visiting a grieving mother, its in the past 24hrs that more ‘providential’ experiences have called even more thoughts into question. For all the right reasons of course.

I plan on writing more however here’s 2 more pieces of the puzzle that intersected my life yesterday.

First i stumbled across this piece written on the CNN Belief Blog yesterday. It’s all about none other than Judas. see link below. I often check out this site, as it has some good pieces on it

And second, last night after coming home from the Maundy Thursday Service at Church (which Robin lead REALLY WELL) we were tooling around channels on TV and found a show called The Lost Gospels  which included a piece about the supposed Gospel of Judas…. yes Judas. The story went on to talk about the controversy and supposed history of why it wasnt included in the New Testament. Several times Robin and i found ourselves staring at each other counting the hairs on our neck standing up.

More than just dumb luck.

Oh in case you wondering about the ‘My Bad’ part. i rode my mountain bike for the 1st time in 2 1/2 months this morning. lots of reasons why… ultramarathon training, road riding only, injured etc. AND about 1hour into it i rode over a decent sized limb and bent my back bracket, shifter, and hanger. All of which cannot be repaired, and will have to be replaced.

MY BAD!!!!!

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