Plan for Sunday

Tomorrow i plan on running for 60mins and also doing a decent ride. i know i am supposed to ease into it, but i also need to get back into it.

Isn’t there some expression that says… “there’s always Monday” or “i can start at the beginning of next month.” Well thats true for me right now. But we will shoot for Sunday.

Already making plans for post summer camp vacation with Robin. Each year we plan some sort of adventure. last year it was sea kayaking on Puget Sound, Washington. We have had other great adventures like Climbing Mt Rainier, or going to the South West. Well this year we plan to go to Colorado and hike/climb Longs Peak then hike/climb using only maps & compass to make our way to Highlands Camp & Conference Center (one of our camps) totally independant of trails etc (except up Longs). Should be fun. Keep you posted.

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