The Results Are In…

Went to Emory on Tuesday to get my 2nd opinon and according to the well qualified sports orthapedist there, he said I DONT HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE!!!!

yes its true, but then what do i have? according to the good doc i have Peroneal Tendonitis. Or a really bad soft tissue injury. its going to take time to heal but it will. He figured this out from a fresh set of x-rays that came back clean of which he added that a stress fracture wouldnt show up on an x-ray anyway. So much for the previous ‘experts’ advice.

i have a series of exercises to do on my feet, to strengthen almost all the soft tissue(s) in my feet. on both side. that ultra…. yes the dang ultra really did a sweet little number on my feet. And that i basically have to start from scratch and re build all the strength, stamina and endurance i have in my feet. he went on to tell me to loose the silly boot and walk around wednesday without it.

then run for 30mins thursday and see how it goes. So i did. of course i did. Run again after almost a month. you dont have to tell me that twice.

So i ran thursday morning for 30 mins…pain free for the 1st time in a while. then again this morning for 20 min… pain free. i’m not out of the woods yet, because i still have pains in my feet, but essentially all over my feet , from my plantia fascia to my heel, toes, you name it. but otherwise good. i am hitt my exercises quite religiously as i ‘make my come back’

once again time will tell. As for racing, not sure i will be ready for Atomic 30hr next month, and dont need to re injur. might blow that off then and really work hard to prep for ‘Raid the North’ in BC, Canada this summer.  6 days of racing heaven…. hmmmmm cant wait.

in the mean time life carries on. keep getting a flat in my bike trainer, why i dont know. Its still dark in the am to go road riding. just the usual.

Holy Week next week. So hopefully will get a few days extra off work to do some cool advenutures, that is if my foot progresses.

On another note. Got the total run around today from US Customs as i was there picking up a item we ordered fro Global Village. Went to 4 different places and still dont have it. Didnt have a nice experience with Customs. if fact the were quite rude. its like they are suspicious of EVERYONE, and its like they are doing us a favor. Why is that? Arent i the customer and arent the VAST majority of people fine & upstanding people who arent trying to screw the system and just get their stuff. only to be thwarted and slowed down by a few that trying to screw the system and mess it up for the rest of us.

I’m rambling again. shoudl go then

One Comment on “The Results Are In…

  1. Glad to hear that you don`t have a stress fracture.Hope all goes well with the getting back to full strength in your foot and getting up to speed with your running.


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