2nd Opinions

Tomorrow i am going to Emory Hospital to get a 2nd opinion. i just need to know that i am doing the right thing, that there’s nothing else i can do for my foot. Part of the reason for this is to plainly ask the doctor… “should i get a real cast?” i say this because this boot isnt doing me any favors.

i wear it all day, and have been quite dedicated to wearing it. but… i still move around like its not even there. On saturday at the race (more on that soon) i was swinging canoes and bikes all over the place and not really doing all i could to take care of my foot. So i wonder that if i get a real cast i wont cut corners, i will be forced to take better care of it.

Tomorrow will tell.

About that race… NOT A GOOD DAY!!!! our team really messed up bad. Considering we were defending champions we should have done better. but several things happened to lead to our poor performance.

  1. Peter punched the wrong CP on the passport, which essentially means game over in a short race like this
  2. On the final paddle we (& i say we, even though i was waiting on the shoreline for them) were catching up to Snickers Marathon, who were freaking out knowing we were breathing down their neck. And we are a lot faster team than them. Anyways someone didnt take a compass bearing and paddle right past the cove we were supposed to go up and paddled an extra 4 MILES!!!!! to bump us from 2nd (about to be 1st) all the way to 5th place.   arrgghhhh!!!!

Its important to note that on longer races like 24hrs + you can make a few mistakes like that and get away with it, but in a shorter race like this. One mistake and BAM you are done. Done by our standards anyway.

it was a fun day, got to catch up with lots of people somei havent seen in a few years. Ate good food after the race. great weather, warm but not too hot. and of course beautiful scenery.

Paddled tonight for 90mins, felt good. out n back paddle so head wind on the way back. Big storms supposed to roll through here tonight. Always fun to sleep with the sound of rain.

i’m rambling now, must be time to go

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