alternative Lenten practice

currently sitting in a open field @ 9am on a saturday doing support for my team CheckpointZero about 1 hour into the race and waiting for pete Michele and chris to come in on their bikes and switch to the canoe. we won this race last year and really want to repeat!!! 10hr race but a good day out

soooo I realized the other day that the time this I’m supposed to be out is about the same as lent…. approx 40 days hmmmmmmmm I wonder

Lent is supposed to be “willingly” give up something but maybe God is telling me something or trying to get my attention I wonder????
I did give up cookies for lent does that mean I can start eating them again???

on another note I see the Crusaders Rugby team SMASHED the Bulls 27-0 last night YES!!!!!

2 Comments on “alternative Lenten practice

  1. Saw the game. Absolutely awesome.The bulls were not really in the game.Did not
    have any answers to the crusaders fantastic defence and other areas of play.Kept fumbling the ball etc etc.

  2. How did you manage to give up cookies even for a short time.The cookies at camp
    made by Bryan and staff are SO YUMMY.

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