making the best

decided to reinvent my training over the weekend. added more cycling and considering even swimming. we will see on that one.

rode 70km yesterday which was great. my foot hurt quite bad last night but feels better today. haven’t done anything today but that’s ok

should be able to ride and maybe paddle tomorrow. it’s tempting with my foot feeling good to get out there and run but I have to be patient. let my foot heal and relax it will happen.

bout to to bed with the expectation of wicked storms passing through here in the middle if the night will be woken by them i expect. but something awesome about being woken in the night to rain and storms as long as they aren’t severe

the next few hours will show

Saturday 8
Sunday 7

One Comment on “making the best

  1. Thanks for doing this blog.Great way of keeping up with what you have been doing lately.Going to the rugby tonight – Crusaders verse the bulls. Looking forward to it.
    We are all well.
    Catch you later, Julie.

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