An Ultra isnt anything

This morning the sun greeted us again. it was a little chilly too and therefore feels good outside.

We are home on a saturday morning together at the same time for the first time (by my math) since mid January… AMAZING

I do have to go down to the office at some point but only for a few hours. then hope to enjoy the day outside… oh wait i cannot run, hmmmmm but adaption is the key. so hope to paddle and maybe even ride at some point.

Speaking of running, this morning as i ate my breakfast instead of watching the endless cycle of bad news on the news networks i looked through programs we have recorded on the DVR and found a Documentary about Terry Fox part of the ESPN 30 for 30 series it aired last year on worthy, interesting and even sometimes controversal human sports stories.

Anyway the story i watched this morning (without being lame & could really make you examine your life some) was very inspirational. it was about a young man 22 years old who had his leg amputated because of cancer and decided to RUN across Canada from East to West. He started in relative obscurity and ended with a lot of attention. But thats not why he ran. he did is solely to raised money for the Canada Cancer Society. Depending on your perspective the story doesn’t have a happy ending.

However Terry ran  3339 miles in 143 days and since this run his efforts have raised over $500,000,000 dollars for cancer research. if you have an opportunity to see this film… DO IT!!!!

As i still process this documentary Robin and i sat in tears speaking of what it did inside us. What does it inspire us to do.  For example… never will i hit the snoose button again early in the morning. i know that is wishful thinking but still makes ones realize what amazing blessings we have.

And i complain about a stress fracture. At least i have 2 legs. Makes an ultra seem… An ultra isnt anything


8 1/2 hours … feels like Christmas

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