Rough couple of days

It has been a rough couple of days. Before the storms last night we lost one of the horses in our equestrian program yesterday morning. This was not taken well by everyone including our over 50 volunteers than MAKE that program work. However i do understand that reaction. THey are a very committed bunch of wonderful people.

Then last night we had the storms. Yeah, that was something else. Damage here is minimal with a few big trees down (but not on any buildings etc.) however a tornado did touchdown literally right down the street. With a lot of damage and at least 2 people dead that i know of. And to make it even more exciting we had 40+ women on site for a conference and i had to run down there at 12am and wake them all up and stuff them in  emergency rooms. It wasn’t fun waking a lot of middle-aged women up at midnight. Saw way too many people in their pyjamas. But none the less a real emergency and one i’m glad i did what i did.

But then to be greeted at breakfast with the words… ” we have a major problem, my air conditioning won’t work”. hmmmmm

I can laugh it off, but really????

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