Mixed bag

The last few days have been a little less than normal. In fact since Tuesday this past week past pretty much blown!!!

Start rough with us having to cancel a retreat at Calvin Center b/c of low registration. It wasnt super low but it was the kind of retreat that needs a good critical mass to fly. Then on wednesday a good friend and colleague passed away in his sleep Tuesday night. He was recently hired in the past year as a the program director at Ghost Ranch Retreat Center in NM. this was his dream job. And now he is no long with us. Ed de Lair… you will be missed.

Then & not to forget… i wont bore you with all those. However essentially it was a rough week. Happy to have Robin home friday afternoon. Only to have me leave to go where she was this past week. PA, but the other side of the state.

Spent a good chunk of the day training. my running and paddling are coming along nicely but i need to spend more time on the mountain bike, and with me leaving tomorrow thats not going to happen too much until at least wednesdsay night.

I plan to ride early in the am then get my flight to PA.

Away until wednesday and then may leave again saturday to go to a memorial service for Ed on Saturday… guess where??? PA!!!!



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