My turn this week

With all the travel i have done in the past month i find myself being on the receiving end of leaving with Robin going to PA for 4 days to have her annual visit with several close friends she gradutated from seminary with.

So bottom line is… i will be (cue music) “all by myself”. however i think Cora and i will be fine. in fact i will be able to get a lot of work done. Part of the reason for that is that 48hrs after Robin get back from PA i get to go to PA, different part of the state though. I have a board meeting to attend and need to put in some time planning for it.

I am also looking forward to racing again this weekend as i complete in a 3? mile mountain bike race. not even sure how many mile it is. but when its thirty something its going to hurt. its in the mountains in North Ga. So its going to be hilly… ouch!!!!

Training for the NZ champs that i will do in March is going well. its a shorter race (@ around 3-4hrs) but will be a lot faster and and intense. Run, paddle, mtb & another run. Therefore my training has been adapted to accomodate the speed. And while training sessions are shorter. i havent run more than 2hrs in about a month. that is complimented with more intense workouts though. Lots of sprinting and high intensity burts of speed. However difficult it is. It is certainly a plesant change and makes me feel young and fast again. if that is possible at almost 38yrs old



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