Save the Date

One of the events i had to say no to in 2011 was racing at Adventure Racing World Champs. These were in November in Tasmania. I was invited to race with a team and as much as i tired i couldnt make it work.

As we entered 2012 i made it no secret that i wanted race in the 2012 edition in France. Well save the date, becuase i am going to Adventure Racing World Champs!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!.

I have been invited to race with a team that will include 1 of my male team mates Peter and a another guy called Pete who i havent raced with before but know well.

World Champs is a hard race to qualify for and so that fact that i am going has me really excited. For more details as the date gets closer check out

This means that in 2012 i will also race Florida Ironman. Not because i want to become an triathlete geek or something, but want to do ONE ironman to say that i have done one. In terms of time length an ironman is shorter than most of my races but i’m not thinking it will be any easier.

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