Fire & Ice

I am home safely in Georgia now after being away for a total of 8 days…. too long!!!! Good to be back home where it is warmer. Well certainly warmer than Minnesota.

The rest of the week was fun. The weather really did cooperate for this time of the year and that part of the country. I remember running Tuesday afternoon in shorts and t-shirt. then playing the local fav game broom-ball for a while in the same attire.

Besides the actual educational and connectional value of the gathering at Clearwater Forrest Presbyterian Camp the other highlight was the Polar Plunge we took on Sunday afternoon.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words so here are a several 1000 for you to look over.


Here is the local Fire Dept making the hole for us. Complete with post hole digger and chainsaw. And of course before we jumped we had to sign a waiver.


Then the actual jumping and exiting out of the water, back onto the 14inch thick ice


And then finally 2 very different shots of the contrasting weather. When we left thursday morning the wind chill was -10F or -24C. YIKES!!!!Image


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