182 years old

Last week I turned 182. At least by the standards of ‘Heart Rate Max'(MHR). Which is the measure assigned to you based on the simple formula of 220-your age. or put another way the most my heart can beat per minute is 182 +/- 5-10 beats

That means I did have a birthday, no big deal… Let’s move on, not real big on birthdays. Not because I’m getting older or anything just don’t really see the fuss.

However I will say that what is more important to me is my MHR age or what the fastest I can go. Not that one can hold that intensity for very long. In fact it’s about 10secs. But with each year old ones MHR gets lower and lower or you get slower or slower… GULP!!!

This may all sound weird that someone measures at least this part of their life in beats per minute, but I guess thats how I’m wired up. Another years older another year slower

Happy 182… Hmmm not necessarily a good number to celebrate

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