I got wet


I did get to go out in that windy weather on saturday. it was a lot of fun. I did go for a swim. but only twice.

started off paddling downwind and was basically surfing once out in the main part of the lake. i think the swells were about 4-5feet. At times wasnt even paddling just ruddering with the rudder and my paddle. i was flying downwind. the bow would get burried and submerged as i went down the front of the wave… SO MUCH FUN

Knew the most challenging part would be paddling cross wind with the waves pounding me from the side and they did. thats when i flipped. then paddling back into the wind the swells were just as huge. With the bow coming right out of the water then smashing back into the water with the waves almost completely washing over me.

It was a fun hour of paddling completely soaked but worth it.

here are some pics of the lake. doesnt really do it justice but helpsImage


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