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GodZone Report Pt.1

This was going to be the biggest/longest race I have ever done and dutifully prepared for what was promised to be 10days of adventure and perhaps hardship and misery at the same time. I have certainly experienced those things before in over 10years of… Continue Reading “GodZone Report Pt.1”


Just got the logistics planner for my next adventure tonight. The GodZone Adventure Race releases this a week before the race so you know what you are in for. This is their biggest race ever… and mine, come to think of it. 10 days… Continue Reading “GULP”

A flawed race

This might be a tough read. However having lived in the USA for over 13 years, and seen this occur many times while living there and even meet several survivors and even a surviving family member I believe I have a platform. However never… Continue Reading “A flawed race”

12 Days-Part2

After a day of getting our expedition group together and packing we spent Sunday morning packing all the food for 6 days and final arrangements. Which included how much the youth had stuck to the equip/gear list. This list was the minimum however several… Continue Reading “12 Days-Part2”

12 days- Part 1

Its great to have family around and our 1st Christmas in NZ since 2013 is celebrated this year with Robins parents and brother visiting. It is good to show them a kiwi Christmas that promises to be a warm day. However before that I… Continue Reading “12 days- Part 1”

A really long way on a dirt road

This past weekend I completed in the “Molesworth Run” and 38miles/62km run through Molesworth Station, NZ’s biggest sheep & beef station (or farm) at almost 450,000 acres. This race has been happening for 22years. Last year it was cancelled due to the nearby Kaikoura… Continue Reading “A really long way on a dirt road”

What did you Gain from that?

In the October school holidays we (SU) started a brand new camp in Marlborough called Gain Camp. Its been a long time since SU had a presence there… and now we are back & here are some of the highlights.

“I-heard-from-God-on-this-one”… REALLY?

This thought dawned on me today as we watched yet another mass shooting in the US happen. So much has been written and reported about them. Lines drawn, sides picked and blame assigned. Most of the time it has fallen along political lines. But… Continue Reading ““I-heard-from-God-on-this-one”… REALLY?”


Today was one of those days. No not a bad one but perhaps a perfect one. The day started amazingly with this view. Then we decided to get out as a family for the day. Which for us means something active. Before we left… Continue Reading “2.5”

The “Wet” Grand Canyon

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being part of a staff development trip with some of the staff from Adventure Specialities. An organization that SU works closely with. We drove a short distance out of Christchurch to Glentui Bush where we spent… Continue Reading “The “Wet” Grand Canyon”