A flawed race

This might be a tough read. However having lived in the USA for over 13 years, and seen this occur many times while living there and even meet several survivors and even a surviving family member I believe I have a platform. However never can fully walk in another persons shoes.

So here goes…

America is a flawed race!

The unbelievable has happened again… another school shooting and this time with double-digit deaths.


What’s the definition of flawed…


1.characterizedbyflaws; having imperfections:
flawed gem; seriously flawed piece of work.

Lets start with the response of “its a complex issue” (mostly cited by 2nd Amendment advocates, numerous gun owners… not all.) Well if its a complex issue that will take time to solve, when do we start to solve it.

If it will take time, when will be a good time to start solving it. How many more mass shootings will have to occur before the complex argument case is taken over by… yikes enough is enough.

Or heres a random idea… if its complex at least make a start on doing something. Putting a man on the moon was a complex challenge and guess what. We had to start somewhere and finally they got there. Americans none the less… well done. Moreover what does its a complex issue argument and inaction say about how much one wants it to end.

Complex is the solving of a math problem, complex is curing cancer, complex is the fall of the Iron Curtain. Yet those are all behind us or we are further along than we were even last week or last century in curing something.

While the “its complex” argument reigns supreme, kids DIE!

Lets go a little further. Several other countries have had mass shooting events over the years. And while one might argue that their response was a little knee jerk it has lead to a drastic reduction if not a total elimination of anymore mass shooting events. And y’all up the ante even more by having mass shootings occur in schools… That’s flawed.

A flawed race is when ….Whether you support your presidents policy or not. Whether you think people or nations meddled in the election or not. To have that represent you as a person who’s set of morals, ethics, bullying behavior, name calling and list of acceptable practices he chooses to get things done on behalf of  you. To allow that to represent you is flawed.

A flawed race is when… To be a country of people who stand by & continue to let it happen. That really it hasn’t got that bad yet to really motivate and call enough people to enough action to change and force change… That’s flawed

A flawed race is when… To hear the same response over & over & still no change. From politicians. And some of that response being only that all representatives standing on floors on Capitol Hill and taking a minute silence, perhaps reading some names out, lowering a flag. Heck take 5 minutes silence if it will make you feel better. I know why do we do a whole hour or even a day or week, maybe longer… wait you already do take longer to doing nothing. Then not demanding change and not demanding it loudly enough to see it actually happen… That’s flawed

A flawed race is when… Maybe you think it wont touch you, that this won’t happen in my town, my school, to my coworkers kid, to my neighbor, to my niece or nephew or cousin, to my sister, brother, son or daughter. But really who does think it will. Statistically theres probably still more chance of dying in a car wreck. It doesn’t bother you enough to do more.But it does happen… That’s flawed

A flawed race is when… Now living in NZ (home) Robin & I are bombarded by questions and statements every time this occurs. They come to us bewildered, puzzled and then move on because like y’all they privately know nothing will change and it will happen again and again and again. We have no answer, we don’t know what to tell them America. Please contact us and let us know so we can pass on why this continues and nothing happens… That’s flawed

A flawed race is when… You have given us so many wonderful things. Several years ago when Robin grandfather died in his mid 90’s I would sometimes think about all the things he has seen… the development of the car, space travel, computers, phone technology, medical breakthroughs, organ transplants, so many different genres of music. Many of which came from you America. You are supposed to be America the worlds leader, start acting like one and please don’t export this thing called school shootings anywhere else, we don’t want it, and anyway if it did happen here we would demand change and would demand it with such a swift loud clear voice that it would happen quickly… that’s flawed

One thing that not flawed… but even worse is how embarrassing this is. You have become a joke and yet still no change or action. You’re losing your mojo America. You might be the worlds #1 economy, you might win more gold medals collectively than anyone. Your biggest city (NYC) is still the crossroads of the world,. You might think you are #1 and you probably are, I mean its not Syria is it. However you also have the embarrassing title of being #1 in this claim to fame that no one wants… school shooting. Oh and thats because it doesn’t happen in other countries. And  guess what, ultimately you are flawed and children continue to die in schools.

A flawed race is when… your leader can slap a ban on travel of people from certain muslim majority countries not long after he becomes president and do so with such haste and swiftness. Again with a short term ban, till we get thing sorted out I do believe he said something along those lines. Yet that same person cannot slap a similar short term ban of the sale of assault weapons with such haste and swiftness, till we get things sorted out. Funny how one ban can happened (or attempt) so quickly, yet another one to stop the weapon the choice being used to kill kids takes so long…

A flawed race is when.. If its complex and not as you say about assault weapons. Then set a short term ban to set a goal deadline & prove your point! If you really can. At least then schools kids are safe. And if you are right then we will know once and for all. But quietly we all know the real truth. It’s about money & control. And all you do is roll out the 2nd amendment argument to sucker people in.

People who say Paul, your “preaching to the choir” well then get out of the choir loft & stop singing silly praise songs and do something MORE about it


I am certainly not advocating or trying to start something. However the term civil disobedience comes to mind and perhaps the next option (of potentially numerous) to get enough attention and stop this senselessness. I really don’t know what a flawed race is. But I do start to wonder how this can continue when the themes, methods and tools of death are the same bed fellows with inaction, dismissal and ‘its complex’.

U2 have a song on The Joshua Tree album called “Bullet the Blue Sky”. In the song Bono and the boys sing lyrics about  Central American conflicts that American is “behind-the-scenes” mixed up in. No this is not the first time. The lyrics are written to make one feel uncomfortable. With Bono then speaking towards the end of the song “Am I buggin’ you, I don’t mean to bug you”. All targeted and aimed at getting a response from us the listener into perhaps action against what went on in this conflict.

And so I end with these words from U2 “Bullet the Blue Sky” (1987)

“Am I Buggin’ You…”

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