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“I-heard-from-God-on-this-one”… REALLY?

This thought dawned on me today as we watched yet another mass shooting in the US happen. So much has been written and reported about them. Lines drawn, sides picked and blame assigned. Most of the time it has fallen along political lines. But… Continue Reading ““I-heard-from-God-on-this-one”… REALLY?”


Today was one of those days. No not a bad one but perhaps a perfect one. The day started amazingly with this view. Then we decided to get out as a family for the day. Which for us means something active. Before we left… Continue Reading “2.5”

The “Wet” Grand Canyon

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being part of a staff development trip with some of the staff from Adventure Specialities. An organization that SU works closely with. We drove a short distance out of Christchurch to Glentui Bush where we spent… Continue Reading “The “Wet” Grand Canyon”

A 5 day adventure 

Last weekend was Labor Day weekend here in NZ. And while many got to take Monday off. I had to work. And when describe work you might just roll your eyes. I got to help plan & particulate in a 5 day rafting trip… Continue Reading “A 5 day adventure¬†“

Where’d She “Learn” That?

Recently we have noticed that Moana has been adding words almost daily to her vocabulary. Then even starting to string sentences together. However perhaps the most noticeable observation I have had is the inflection in her voice. When this occurs (in English anyway) it… Continue Reading “Where’d She “Learn” That?”

The Wonder of the Outdoors

In the recent July School Holidays, I was at camp with these fine youth. Based out of Makarora in Mt. Aspiring National Park here are a few highlights from our time together.

Acts 2, 21st Century Style

There’s a thing called TED Talks. It stands for Technology, Education & Design. They have these big conferences around the world. And are presentations by really froward thinking people on all sorts of topics. There is a weekly email that comes to your inbox… Continue Reading “Acts 2, 21st Century Style”

Some might say…

This book has been floating around for a few months now, maybe more. The author has written numerous books. Mostly described as a fresh perspective and a refreshing yet different approach to life, faith, Jesus & relationships. His video series were also quite different… Continue Reading “Some might say…”

When left is right & right is left

This week America provided us a reversal and confusing look at their viewpoint on guns. In summary it gave us two moments when we could have sighed and said “oh no… thats not helpful” and “whew… I’m glad those two people were there.” By… Continue Reading “When left is right & right is left”

Surf’s Up

This past weekend we had a storm that spat out of the deep depths of the Southern Ocean. Or Antarctica. It produced some massive swells or waves.  Click the link to read all about it    Surf’s Up. And more This weekend we are… Continue Reading “Surf’s Up”