“I-heard-from-God-on-this-one”… REALLY?

This thought dawned on me today as we watched yet another mass shooting in the US happen. So much has been written and reported about them. Lines drawn, sides picked and blame assigned. Most of the time it has fallen along political lines. But really who cares, that’s cold comfort to people for whom a loved one was shot dead.

However, there’s a demographic that’s missing here, a really really small one for whom nothing (or that I am aware of) is said about. Not even a demographic really (thank goodness) but I had to call it something. And it goes something like this.

In the past 15-20 years, there have been some quite big natural disasters in the USA. Mostly around hurricanes, wild fires, floods etc. Then at times occasionally (& I use the word occasionally intentionally) soon after the previously mentioned event some person (usually a middle/old aged white male) who is known as a Christian will roll out some “I-heard-from-God-On-This-One” statement that (Insert city/region here) is suffering or had this natural disaster occur because God was judging them. In most cases, they (well let’s face it…he) draws parallels to Sodom & Gomorrah from the Old Testament and makes a connection between the natural disaster and the “Sins of that city”. Usually pointing at the amount of gay people or to use an old word promiscuity in that city. 1000’s believe them and we assign that event to that city’s evilness and move on, putting all our stock in the “fact” that this guy heard from God on this one.

Here’s where the wheels fall off for me. If these men are soooooo in tune with God and heard from God on some connection to this horrific event or that horrific event, why don’t we seemingly EVER hear from them on mass shootings. I could be wrong and this is a total anecdotal observation. However, the pulpit is empty, the microphone silent, the podium vacant, the crickets are chirping when it comes to these so-called men of God who regularly hear from God on evil making a connection between “that town” and “their sins” lead to this happening. They remain silent when it comes to making a connection between a weapon that is designed only to kill humans being used. We don’t hear them saying such & such a town or city is bad and had this mass shooting coming to them when it comes in the form of a gun. We don’t appear to hear much from them tying the “sins of that city” lead to this mass shooting at the hands of an assault weapon.

Why can they tie natural disaster to a city and its so-called “sins” but not a mass shooting and a city’s so-called “sins”

Where are you Mr. Preacher-man? I didn’t hear you today making connection to that poor town of approximately 400 in Texas, guns and its “sins”.

Just sayin…


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