Today was one of those days. No not a bad one but perhaps a perfect one. The day started amazingly with this view.


Then we decided to get out as a family for the day. Which for us means something active. Before we left Pittsburgh we bought a 2.5 person sit-on-top kayak and today was actually the 1st day we used it. We drove over to Akaroa and had an early lunch then hit the water.

Both being water people it has always been a hope for Robin & I that Moana would love the water. While her name means ocean certainly helps, we are certainly doing all we can to encourage her. Between swimming lessons for almost over a year and a half and today this wee girl loves the water.

I’ll get out of the way and let the videos do the talking. A Humphreys family day is an active one for sure. But knowing that she had so much fun today on a sit-on-top. Our backyard “boat yard” (as Robin calls it) of numerous boats is sure to be well used.


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