The “Wet” Grand Canyon

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being part of a staff development trip with some of the staff from Adventure Specialities. An organization that SU works closely with.

We drove a short distance out of Christchurch to Glentui Bush where we spent the morning looking at various flora from a herbal & medicinal perspective and its relationship from a Te Reo/Tangata Whenua perspective. The outcome here is that as we work with youth in various programs we can pass on knowledge about the food value and medicinal value of many of NZ indigenous plants. Their properties offered remedies in everything from Asthma to Heart Disease, hormonal balance, stopping infections and dysentery and more. It was very informative.

The highlight of the afternoon was that we got to go and make our way through a canyon. This included 2 abseils (rappels) numerous slides and lots of jumps into pools of water, some of which were very high. We were certainly dressed for the water with wetsuits, paddle jackets and helmets along with all the appropriate climbing gear. The abseils were amazing as we inched our way down into some fast flowing water falls, behind and alongside.  We spent about 2hrs in there and it was certainly a highlight.

I have done various canyon trips in South Africa and France as part of some adventure races however it wad good to do one back on home turf.

Here are some pics from the day,


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